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Let’s follow a very concise set of steps to sell your Crypto, in this example ETH (Ethereum), for PHP.

STEP 1: Open a Binance Account

If you don’t have a Binance account yet, use my referral account to open one.

STEP 2: Go to Your FIAT and SPOT Wallet and Click Deposit

STEP 3: Deposit your ETH to your Binance Account from your other Hot or Cold Wallets

In our example, since we want to Sell our ETH for PHP, you select ETH under Coin, then you transfer your ETH in the address provided.

STEP 4: Trade your ETH for USDT

Under Trade > Advanced, select the ETH/USDT Pair, and sell your ETH for USDT.

STEP 5: Transfer your USDT from your SPOT Wallet to your P2P Wallet

STEP 6: Go to P2P Trading

In my experience you get the best price when you put a Sell order. Make sure USDT is selected on top and PHP is selected under FIAT combobox.

STEP 7: Post a Selling Ad

You put your intended SELL Price based on the current market price on the BUY List under STEP 6. You also specify the bank account you would like to receive your PHP in. The most convenient bank is Union Bank.

For more info, visit the official Binance P2P blog

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