3GE Life Sheets


Life Calendar
See your entire life in terms of weekly boxes. One box is ticked off as one week passes.

Being able to get visuals at my entire life makes me more grateful as to what I have already accomplished and more focused on the things I want to achieve on the remaining weeks.

Net Worth and Time Worth
Know how much is your time really worth?

This allowed me to know exactly how much I need in life and when do I plan to achieve it. This then allowed me to be clear exactly how much i am currently worth per hour, and how much is my target hourly worth. This then sets a limit to my expenditure to be able to maintain my lifestyle.

Fastlane Business Scale and Magnitude Matrix
Compute your business’ potential scale and magnitude

This enables me to immediately discard a potential business idea at its infancy when it doesn’t have the potential scale or magnitude that can bring in enough cash flow.



Blood Test Monitoring
Progressively monitor your blood tests.

Know whether the results show you’re improving or degrading and address the issue early on.