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How to Send 10K to 1M to a Friend using BDO Online?

By January 28, 2018No Comments

I hate deposit slips. If anything can be done with my mobile phone, I’d gladly have it that way.

Most PH banks, specifically BDO, Security Bank, and BPI have great mobile apps to allow you to swiftly make online transfers to friends or strangers. But for the most part, you’re limited up to a certain amount only, prior to registering these accounts.

Here, we will do BDO’s since up to this writing, it’s the most convenient method of registering 3rd party accounts using ATM.

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Navigate to: Enrollment > Other Person’s Accounts > Enroll

Step 3: Key in necessary 3rd party account details

Step 4: Receive Email from BDO and take note of the Activation Code

Step 5: Go to the nearest BDO ATM, and Insert your BDO ATM Card.

Step 5.1: Select Others Services> Activate Enrollment for Fund Transfer

Step 5.2: Key In the Activation Code

Step 6: Wait for around 2 hours, and you will now see the newly enrolled account number under “Send Money to Pre-Enrolled BDO Account

All the other banks have an online fund transfer facility as well, but for all unregistered accounts, they all limit it to a certain amount. In some banks, like BPI, they require you to submit a Manual Form to register the 3rd party account. For that reason, I chose BDO to do my routinary transfer to 3rd party accounts.

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