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Guidelines to Living Your Life

By June 4, 2023No Comments
  1. Look at the big picture. Plot your life in a life calendar where a single box represents a week in your life and you get to see on a single page how your life fares so far. Those plotted boxes are your memories. Imagine yourself on the tail end of your life and you will be looking at this life calendar reminscing all the memories you’ve made. Because memories compound their value, the earlier you create worthwile memories the more satisfied you will be by the time you look back at them.
  2. Know your Point A and Point B. Everyone has a different journey. A million dollar goal might not be worthwile for another person; lest even a financial milestone. There’s no point competing against anyone. But if financial milestone matters to you, you have to know your numbers – both for Point A and Point B.
  3. There are at least Five Main Aspects of life. They are at least the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, and Spiritual. Make the most from all these five aspects altogether to get the maximum life satisfaction.
  4. Don’t remain dreaming on your ideal Point B, work for it daily. PICU. Plan, Implement, Check, Update. Iterate as much as you can. Read as many related books as you can and implement them immediately. Benchmark and Share ideas with others who are on the same journey.
  5. Let go of unnecessary baggages and focus on your goal. Don’t let emotional traumas bare you down. Parents, loved ones, children, partners, and friends – all of them might have hurt you in the past. Learn from them and don’t let them get you distracted. Remember, they have their own points A and B. And there’s a limited box to fill on your life calendar. You might wanna think twice how you want those boxes filled. Humble yourself and simply learn from everyone.
  6. You are alone in your Life Journey. Bottomline you will really be the only person witnessing your last moment in your deathbed. Few moments before that, you’re blessed to have your loved ones around you. But on that grim dark place where you’re going to release that last breath, you will be alone. And your life is your own. Your path is your own. Your Point A and Point B are unique. Never put any person on a pedestal. Nobody is above you nor below you. When they give you advises, you cherry pick what’s applicable for your journey. Your journey is your own.
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